The Slocan Valley

The Slocan Valley is the doorway to a vast, secluded and rugged mountain wilderness; home to year round glaciers, incredible “Matterhorn” peaks, the beautiful Slocan Lake, old mining ghost towns, the pristine Slocan and Little Slocan Rivers and small rural villages scattered along it’s length.

As such, the variety of activities in the local region are seemingly endless. Whether you are looking to explore your physical limits in mountaineering, skiing, hiking, and/or kayaking; challenge your fishing or hunting skills or prefer the arts and culture that the valley offers, there is something here for you.


Valhalla Provincial Park is a magnificent world-class wilderness, encompassing 49,600 hectares of natural landscape and 30 km of the pristine Slocan Lake shoreline. The Valhalla Range peaks are a stunning part of the Selkirk Mountains, with deep river valleys, large sub-alpine lakes and granite peaks of up to 2,827m. In the northwest, New Denver Glacier at 2,758m dominates the landscape, while the block-shaped Devil’s Couch at 2,667m and Hela Peak at 2,717m define the central area.

Along the southwestern boundary is an outstanding group of spires including Mount Dag, the Wolfs Ears, Gimli, Asgard and Gladsheim – all over 2,660m. Numerous cirque basins, several larger deep lakes and chains of small lakes surround the ridges.

Slocan Lake sits at 537m, well below most of the park, forcing waterways to cut deeply in the landscape as it descends some 2,000m before reaching the lake – numerous cascades and waterfalls are scattered throughout the park.

The Gimli Ridge day-trip is a moderate three-hour hike for most people. The trail starts well below treeline in a lush forest of cedar and fir. In less than an hour’s hike, incredible vistas appear to the north as the trees recede. The ice-dotted, aquamarine waters of several small lakes can be seen in passing through Mulvey Basin, further along, the trail climbs several hundred meters in elevation ascending Gimli Ridge. Spectacular views await you!